Threats Manager Studio extends traditional threat modeling from a technical design phase activity into one that is more cross-functional. For applications that require a deeper dive threat modeling, the emphasis on business value and risk prioritization is much more aligned with building security activities into evolving product architectures delivered through fast-moving DevOps pipelines.

Altaz Valani, Director, Insights Research, Security Compass

It does not matter if you are a seasoned professional or just started with threat modeling. Threats Manager Studio will address your needs and allow you to create your custom models and easily generate detailed reports. Highly recommended.

Krunoslav Mihalic, Cyber Security Consultant, Microsoft Services

Threat Modeling an application is one of the most valuable exercises that the security expert can do to secure an application from the beginning. The Threats Manager helps to make this exercise easier to accomplish, with very useful information and fun. I have used it already for months with my customers, and I have always got very positive feedback.

Rafael Pazos Rodriguez, Customer Engineer, Microsoft Services

About 20 years ago, I made a comment to a journalist: “If we had our hands tied behind our backs (we don’t) and could do only one thing to improve software security… we would do threat modeling every day of the week”. That comment is as true today as it was then.
Threats Manager Studio represents an evolution of the Threat Modeling process, which not only makes the experience more efficient and effective, but also continue to raise Threat Modeling as a critical component of Risk Management.

Michael Howard, Sr Principal Consultant Cyber, Microsoft Services

I have worked with Threat Modeling for quite some time and even if I love the process, the challenge has always been in the tool. This has now been mitigated and I can now get a quite good understanding of possible threats within a few hours and, even better, be able to communicate it effectively.

Jesper Kråkhede, Architect Cyber, Microsoft Services

I’m using Threats Manager as my primary tool for Threat Modeling IT Pro.
Requested changes (improvements, enhancements) can be addressed and are being recognized.
It’s such a great tool containing deep expertise and capabilities.

Oliver Niehus, Architect Cyber, Microsoft Services

Threats Manager is a revolutionary improvement to Threat Modeling. It allows me to complete a Threat Model engagement in less than half the previously required time. I can use it with pre-defined rules and can also add additional threats for non-standard model elements of special requirements. Finally, it allows me to develop a risk management-based roadmap and produce professional Word or Excel output without copy & paste.

Heinrich Gantenbein, Principal Consultant Cybersecurity, Microsoft Services