MS TMT Import update

After a few months of silence, I am happy to announce an update on Threats Manager Studio. More specifically, I have created a new version of the MS TMT Import exception library. This new version fixes significant issues pointed out by rsrinivasahome and others, including: AND and OR operators in decision trees are not recognized.…

Closing the circle

A new version of Threats Manager Studio is available, with many significant advancements and fixes, to make your life easier and achieve better integration with DevOps. Check it out!

Going Beyond

Threats Manager Studio 1.4.0 is a new release, providing a lot of new features and improvements. Come and see what is in it for you. You will find a lot of value, guaranteed!

Threats Manager Studio YouTube channel

Threats Manager Studio (TMS) may be a complicated piece of software. What makes it so powerful, that is its rich set of functionalities, the continuous improvement approach, the possibility to easily extend it with further capabilities and the various customization features, may prove too overwhelming for those who approach it. This site provides various documents…