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Execution Mode visibility.

The Automatic Threats Generation Extension Library provides a set of functionalities to automatically identify potential Threats and proper Mitigations. You need to install this Extension library separately from the Threats Manager Studio (TMS), from Downloads.

This library can be used by both experts who want to create Templates supporting generation rules and by those who simply need to consume the rules to generate Threat Events and associate Mitigations on their own Threat Models. The current page describes this second use. For more information on how to create automatic Threat generation and Mitigations association rules, please refer to Auto Threat Generation rules definition.

The Automatic Threats Generation Extensions Library adds the following tools to Threats Manager Studio (TMS), dedicated to the consumption of existing generation rules:

  • Generate Threat Events and Mitigations button in the Analyze ribbon.
  • Remove All Threat Events button in the Analyze ribbon.
  • Apply Auto Gen Rules command in the context menu.

Note that this list is partial: in fact, the tools dedicated to rules creation or editing are not included.

The Analyze ribbon.

TMS starts with an empty document. As such, it does not have any Auto Gen Rule defined and any attempt to generate Threat Events and Mitigations automatically will not do anything. Therefore, it is necessary to get those rules in TMS, and the main way to do so is to import a Template supporting the Auto Gen Rules.

Generate Threat Events and Mitigations

The Generate Threat Events and Mitigations button is shown in the Analyze ribbon. When you click it, you will be asked to confirm the operation. If you confirm, the Extension will evaluate the generation rules and eventually generate Threats and Mitigations.

Remove All Threat Events

The Remove All Threat Events tool allows to clean up the Threat Model by removing all Threat Events. It asks for confirmation before actually performing any change.

Remove All Threat Events does not discriminate between automatic generated Threat Events and manually assigned ones. Therefore it is recommended to use it only after having double-checked that the operation does not remove anything it shouldn’t.

Apply Auto Gen Rules

The Apply Auto Gen Rules command can be found in the context menu for Entities and Flows, by clicking on them with the right mouse button.

The Apply Auto Gen Rules command.

When clicked, it automatically add Threats and Mitigation to the selected object, without asking for confirmation.