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computing platform or digital platform[1] is the environment in which a piece of software is executed.


Threats Manager Platform is re-hostable, which means that you can host it on many applications, including Windows desktop or Web Applications. Threats Manager Platform provides a Windows desktop host, called Threats Manager Studio. You are welcome to create your own host.

Threats Manager Platform is also designed to be highly extensible, through the concept of Extensions.

Extensions are modules that implement some behavior to extend the behavior of the Threats Manager Platform.

Extensions are collected in Extension Libraries, which are DLLs implementing one or more Extension to provide a specific behavior.

The main installation package for Threats Manager Platform includes the standard Windows desktop interface, called Threats Manager Studio, and the Standard Extension Library. You can then install additional Extension Libraries, like the Auto Threat Gen or the Quality Extension.

What does it mean to be “the Platform”.

The picture above represents this situation, where Interfaces, Utilities and Engine are the core components of the Threats Manager Platform. Those components are Open Source, can be used to create your own Host (BYO in the picture stands for “Bring Your Own”), and also to create your own Extension Libraries.

You can find all the official Extensions in the Downloads page.