After a wait of over one year, I am proud to announce the availability to the wide public of Threats Manager Studio.

This moment marks the third step of an initiative to evolve the current Threat Modeling process to Threat Modeling vNext. Started about three years ago, this new process has first publicly discussed in January 2020, with a series of blog articles published on Simone On Security. The second step of the journey to a better Threat Modeling has been in June 2020, with the release of the Threats Manager Platform Engine and SDK as Open Source.

With this new step, we unveil the first Threat Modeling tool based on the Threats Manager Platform. And it is even freely available for everyone to use!
Hopefully, it will soon be joined by many other tools, built by the Security Community as by Companies developing Threat Modeling tools, and will foster the development of new, better services to improve everyone’s security.

Threats Manager Studio and the Threats Manager Platform are first and foremost tools made by subject matter experts based on their first-hand experience, to address their own needs. They are built with a no-nonsense approach, with the intent of maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. With Threats Manager Studio, our goal has been to drive the identification and management of the most relevant Security Risks, to empower the Business to achieve its goals securely. Now, we want to help you to achieve your Security Risks Management goals, whatever role you play in your Organization.

While this new announcement marks an important milestone towards Threat Modeling vNext, what we are celebrating today is not the end of the initiative and certainly does not represent the culmination of our efforts.

Jump in and prepare to see Threat Modeling under a new light!

The journey has just begun.

I have been a Consultant with Microsoft for 15 years and so. As such, I have gained strong competencies around Software Architectures and Methodologies with a focus on Microsoft technologies. I have been working for Microsoft in the Consultancy department since January 2000 mainly for Customers in the Financial sector. Now I am a Senior Premier Field Engineer on Security. In this role I am helping customers in adopting Microsoft Security Products, Technologies and Methodologies. Application Security is one of my main area of interests, even before joining Microsoft: the very reason why I have been hired by Microsoft are a set of articles I have written on Security and specifically on Cryptography between years 1998 and 1999. I am now a member of the Microsoft InfoSecurity Force European Team. As a Microsoft Employee, I have assumed the roles of Developer, Lead Developer, Architect and Microsoft Development Technologies expert. This has allowed me to work for important Banks and Financial Institutions like Intesa SanPaolo, Deutsche Bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Unicredit, and also for P.A. Organizations like INPS, the largest social security and welfare institute in Italy and one of the most important on a European level. The gained experience can be applied to many contexts, not only on Financial Businesses, because it has been mainly focused around technology and soft abilities, like interpersonal awareness and interaction with different people and different organizations. On May 2016 I have assumed the role of Co-Lead of the Worldwide Microsoft Technical Community for the Security Development Lifecycle.

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