A new version of Threats Manager Studio (TMS) and of its Extensions is out. This version fixes some of the problems you have encountered during your first tests with TMS, and more specifically:

  • [Bug] Bug Bar Risk Estimator crashes if there are 1 or 2 Mitigations are assigned to Threat Events.
  • [Bug] Crashes if Windows 10 Ransomware Protection is activated.
  • [Bug] Copy & Paste between different Threat Models causes the crash of the receiving instance.
  • [Bug] TMT documents with entities having empty names cannot be imported.
  • [Bug] TMT documents with pages having empty names cannot be imported.
  • [Bug] TMT documents with multiple flows having the same source and target cannot be imported.

As usual, you can find the downloads from Downloads.

Please reinstall TMS and all the Extensions over the previous ones.
There is no need to uninstall what you had previously. Please ensure to update all the installed Extensions, because you may otherwise get some of the problems listed in the Startup page under Troubleshooting.

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