Execution Mode visibility.

The Mitigation List is the list of all Mitigations and related Threat Events defined in the Threat Model. It is available from the Home ribbon.

The Home ribbon.

It can be used as a complementary tool to the Threat Event List during the Mitigation phase.

The Mitigation List shows two levels:

  • The first level is represented by the Mitigation.
  • The second level is represented by the associated Threat Event Mitigations.
The Mitigation List ribbon.

The Mitigation List ribbon provides the possibility to:

  • Disassociate the Selected Threat Event from the Mitigation.
  • Full Expand the tree.
  • Expand Branch, which expands the current node and all sub-nodes.
  • Collapse All nodes to the Threat Types.
  • Refresh the list, using the aptly named button.

Right below the ribbon, there are the filters: you can both filter the Mitigations containing some text, and also by using some Special Filter, which allows to identify Mitigations which are of a particular interest:

  • Mitigations with no defined Status.

This filter is pretty self-explanatory.

Tips & Tricks
Undefined Mitigations would not be represented in some parts of the Reports, therefore it is very important to ensure that all Mitigations have identified a Status.